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MasterMakers by Marsy Santos

Project Type



April 2023


Atlanta, GA




Creative Director

Project type

Website, Logo, and Art Portfolio

Client: Master Makers
Design Agency: Thiink Media Graphics

Project Description:

Thiink Media Graphics is thrilled to present our latest creative endeavor, the website redesign and brand refresh for Master Makers, an esteemed platform celebrating the transformative power of art. Master Makers stands at the forefront of artistic innovation, offering a sanctuary for art enthusiasts to commission bespoke pieces, discover unique artistic gifts, and explore a vast portfolio of exceptional artists, including the celebrated Marsy Santos.

In this project, our mission was to encapsulate the essence of Master Makers’ dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. We aimed to create a digital and visual identity that not only showcases the diversity and talent within the Master Makers community but also invites users into a world where art transcends the ordinary, offering a gateway to unparalleled creativity and inspiration.

Creative Process:
The inspiration for Master Makers’ brand refresh and website redesign stemmed from the grandeur and innovation of iconic art institutions like the Louvre in Paris and the High Art Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Our vision was to merge these influences into a cohesive design that reflects the sophistication and creativity inherent to the Master Makers brand.

The updated logo incorporates a castle, symbolizing strength and resilience, with an overlaid wordmark "M" seamlessly integrated with a paintbrush to represent the brand's core focus on creativity and artistry. This design not only honors the traditional aspects of artistic endeavor but also introduces a modern narrative of artistic freedom and exploration.

Our approach to the website redesign focused on creating an immersive experience that mirrors the journey of discovering art. We introduced a captivating animation of artists at work, with gates gradually opening to symbolize the liberation from the figurative "prison bars" of creative confinement. This metaphorical representation invites visitors to explore the boundless possibilities of art and its capacity to free the spirit.

Drawing on the rich Dominican heritage of some of Master Makers’ featured artists, we infused the website with vibrant colors, dynamic textures, and a layout that echoes the lively culture and scenic beauty of the Dominican Republic. The design harmoniously blends elements of heritage and innovation, offering a platform that is as enriching as it is visually striking.

The revamped Master Makers website and refreshed brand identity mark a new chapter in the platform’s journey. The design not only enhances the visual appeal and user experience but also deeply resonates with the artistic community and patrons alike. Our work has laid the groundwork for Master Makers to further establish itself as a hub of artistic excellence and a beacon for those seeking to infuse their lives with the magic of art.

The project stands as a testament to Thiink Media Graphics’ dedication to crafting designs that tell a story, evoke emotion, and inspire action. Through our collaborative efforts, Master Makers now possesses a digital presence that accurately reflects its mission to champion art in all its forms, offering a sanctuary for creativity that encourages visitors to explore, commission, and celebrate art that transforms and enriches.

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