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April 2023


Atlanta, Ga




Creative Director

Project type

Logo, food package designs

Project Overview: Yummilo Brand Assets Design
Client: Yummilo
Design Agency: Thiink Media Graphics

Project Description:
Thiink Media Graphics proudly unveils the brand identity and packaging design project for Yummilo, an emerging Indian American fusion chutney brand that brings a slice of Himalayan heritage to the American dining table. Our journey with Yummilo began with a profound story of migration, legacy, and culinary fusion, originating from the serene landscapes of the Himalayas and finding a new home in the bustling food scene of the United States.

Yummilo is not just a food brand; it represents a bridge between cultures, a fusion of flavors that transcends geographical boundaries. The brand’s mission is to enrich lives with unexplored tastes, embodying the warmth of home-cooked meals and the excitement of discovering new cuisines. Our challenge was to encapsulate this rich narrative within the visual identity and packaging design, creating a brand experience that resonates with consumers across diverse backgrounds.

Creative Process:
Inspired by Yummilo’s story, our creative team embarked on a journey to design a brand identity that is as unique and inviting as the flavors it represents. We delved into the essence of Yummilo’s mission, drawing inspiration from the brand’s roots in the Himalayas and its vibrant journey to the US.

The cornerstone of our design is the minimalistic wordmark logo, crafted to embody simplicity and elegance. This logo serves as a subtle nod to Yummilo’s heritage while positioning it as a modern, accessible brand. Our aim was to create a timeless identity that appeals to a broad audience, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

For the packaging design, we chose a color palette that evokes a sense of nostalgia yet feels entirely fresh. The bright reds are paired with neutral whites to craft an inviting and enticing visual experience for potential buyers. This color scheme reflects the boldness of Yummilo’s flavors while maintaining a clean, minimalist appeal. The packaging design is a tribute to the brand’s Himalayan origins and its American aspirations, blending a hint of southern nostalgia with a modern twist.

The outcome of our collaboration with Yummilo is a brand identity and packaging design that truly stands out on the shelves. The visual elements speak volumes about the brand’s story, inviting consumers to embark on a culinary adventure filled with zest and tradition. Through thoughtful design, we have created a brand experience that not only captivates but also communicates Yummilo’s core values of authenticity, heritage, and innovation.

As Yummilo continues to grow and bring its unique fusion of flavors to more homes, Thiink Media Graphics is honored to have laid the visual foundation for its journey. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting brand experiences that are not just seen but felt, resonating deeply with audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

Project Highlights:
Client Collaboration: Deep engagement with Yummilo to immerse in their story and mission.
Brand Identity: A minimalistic wordmark logo that balances heritage with modernity.
Packaging Design: Vibrant and inviting color palette with a design that narrates the brand’s fusion ethos.

Cultural Fusion: A visual representation of Indian American culinary fusion, appealing to a diverse audience.

Legacy and Innovation: A design that communicates Yummilo’s journey from the Himalayas to the US, blending tradition with contemporary tastes.

This project encapsulates the essence of Thiink Media Graphics’ design philosophy—creating meaningful visual narratives that connect brands with their audiences on an emotional level. Yummilo’s brand assets are more than just designs; they are a celebration of cultural fusion, legacy, and the universal love for food.

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