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Core Identity

Core Identity: Brand Kits by Thiink Media Graphics offers an essential solution for businesses aiming to create or refresh their brand identity. We carefully tailor every element of your brand kit to deliver a cohesive and compelling brand story.

Where Your Brand's Story Unfolds

Begin Your Brand's Transformation.

A comprehensive guide ensuring consistency in the use of your brand elements across all platforms.

Brand Style Guide
Core Identity: Brand Kits by Thiink Media Graphics is the quintessential service for businesses seeking to establish or revamp their brand identity. Our service meticulously crafts each component of your brand kit, ensuring a coherent and impactful brand narrative.

- Crafting the Essence of Your Brand into Every Element -

Design elements that are adaptable across various platforms and media.

Versatile Brand Applications

A consistent narrative across all brand materials, reinforcing your brand’s message.

Cohesive Storytelling

Transforming Ideas into Masterpieces

Start by completing our design form to outline your project's vision and requirements.

Step 1
Project Initiation

Schedule a call for a detailed discussion of your project's ideas and expectations.

Step 2
Schedule a Call

Engage in a 45-50 minute design discovery meeting to delve into project specifics.

Step 3
In-Depth Discovery

Our skilled design team begins crafting your project, sharing progress and gathering feedback.

Step 4
Creative Execution

Depending on the project's nature, you will either receive your logo or finalized design, accompanied by a digital Certificate of Authenticity.

Final Delivery
Graphic Design

Alternatively, we will seamlessly transfer your website or arrange for professional printing and shipping of your custom products.

Final Delivery
Websites & Printing

Q1: What does a brand kit include?

Our brand kit includes a custom logo, color palette, typography, brand imagery, and a style guide for consistency. It also features business essentials like a P.O. Box, business email, Google Business page setup, custom business cards with shipping, a free post-project redesign, one month of free web hosting, a one-year domain through Wix, and a digital Certificate of Authenticity.

Q2: How do you capture my brand's essence in the brand kit?

We conduct an in-depth brand discovery process to understand your brand's story, values, and target audience, which guides the creation of your brand kit and website.

Q3: Can I update my brand kit in the future?

Certainly! Recognizing that brands are dynamic, we provide options to refresh and modify your brand kit to align with your business's growth and evolution. Each project includes a complimentary redesign, and subsequent updates are available starting at $55.

Q4: How long does it take to create a brand kit?

The time frame for creating a brand kit varies based on its complexity and your specific needs. Generally, we strive to deliver within 14 to 30 days, ensuring a balance between quality and efficiency in developing your brand's essentials.

- Adrian Virges, 5 Stars.

Responsive, fast, knowledgeable and attentive... made a masterpiece to my liking.

Craft Your Brand's Core Identity.

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